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Shout it loud, Sofaï has a new album. Shout it very loud, as one of the leading lights of the independent European blues scene has produced some of her finest work.

She may not yet be a household name, but Sofaï has certainly paid her dues. Growing up with the sounds of the sixties and seventies, one of her earliest influences was Elvis Presley. Her soleful rendition and clever choreography of In The Ghetto is a fitting tribute to The King.

However, her musical tastes were many and varied, ranging from folk rock and blues in the shape of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Joni Mitchell and Traffic, through the rock of  Bruce Springsteen, and onwards to the black grooves of Eddie Floyd and Etta James. Other influences are also clear with this latest release, as she describes her music as “A kinda melting pot of what I’ve listened to – it’s sometimes rough, but it always has to be groovy!”

She was never a fan of school, and grew up with the idea of becoming a singer / songwriter, and strapping on a stylish guitar along the way.

Her persona is also a heady mixture; hardworking blueswoman with a voodoo style! Her bio describes her musical universe as “Delightful Wildness”, an epithet so perfect it had to be made for her.

For Sofaï, the writing craft is part of her essence. “I cannot sit and try to work, getting depressed because nothing’s coming. I just have to be aware of my feelings. I have always got a guitar close to me, or my little recorder in my pocket when I am away from home.”

She  has opened for Beverley Jo Scott, Elliott Murphy, Debbie Coleman, Johnny Gallagher, Carmel and Sharrie Williams, SUPERTRAMP… The stage is hers.

Her band are a family, with relationships across the musical landscape, and the strength of their familial bonds is clearly etched into the new album.

Californian bass player Marten Ingle has written songs with Sofai for more than a decade (14 years exactly), and his musical pedigree takes in Percy Sledge Billy Paul, Tony Allen and Ray Lema.

Guitarist Mar Todani has been with her for 8 years. Born in Japan, Mar moved to England in 1994 and settled in Paris in 1998. He has played with American blues shouter Big Joe Turner, and he adds something special to the music. Sofai has a special place for him. “He’s really precious. He is that kind of guitar player that I’m in love with, because I want something “catchy” on Guitar riffs and need something very melodic on every solo part.”

Drummer Danny Montgomery also hails from California, and as well as playing with Percy Sledge and Billy Paul he has hit the skins for American jazz duo Tuck & Patti and singer songwriter Willy Nile. He’s been with Sofaï also her for 8 years…

French keyboard player Slim Batteux completes the set, another who has shared a stage with Percy Sledge and Billy Paul, as well as Ray Charles and Brazilian singer and percussionist Carlinhos Brown.

Guitarist Tom Fremont is the new draft of the team… but… He was in Sofaï’s first cover band “Backstreets” 25 years ago…  “Tom is as precious as Mar Todoni…They’re both really complementary. He’s playing as well acoustic & Electric guitars – Lap Steel… He’s also playing with KORITNI (Australian Rock Band) – Fr David – Grand Corps Malade…

Now… You just have to catch Sofaï on tour.

Featuring Elliot Murphy for a co-writing song and a duet. She was the opener on Elliott Murphy Tour 2011.

A Folk-Rock Album tinged with Blues and Rhythm § Blues… This album is recorded between New York and Paris – France.
Sofaï signs the all melodies and musical arrangements.
Billy C Farlow (met during a festival in Belgium) sends her several lyrics after returning home to ALABAMA.
And also Lisa Lowell (Bruce Springsteen’s team : Albums Since 1990 –  Seeger Session Band  / Western Stars – Springsteen Tour 2023-2024…) :
Lisa Lowell toured with Sofaï and her Team during summer Tour 2012 : Paris France – Berlin…

A Big “BLUES ROCK” Album… Sofaï signs the all melodies and worked with several american autors : Kal David & Lauri Bono (Etta James / John Mayall / Bonnie Raitt) – Sal Bernardi – Marten Ingle…

A Big “BLUES – RYTHM&BLUES ” Album… Sofaï signs the all melodies and worked with the american autor :  Marten Ingle…

2023  « BETTER DAYS » vol1  – october 2023

A Real  ” SOFT & SOULFULL” Album… Sofaï signs the all melodies and worked with  Marten Ingle – Lauri Bono – LeadFoot Rivet – Slim Batteux…

2023  « HIGHER HOPES» vol2  – December 2023

A  “SOULFULL & GROOVY” Album  including 2 special Guests : Joniece Jamison – Pablo Villafranca…

Sofaï signs the melodies and worked with  Marten Ingle – Gabriela Arnon – Tom fremont – LeadFoot Rivet …